Website review: monitor world population growth online


If you’re looking for an interesting website, here’s one for you – CountryMeters. Here you can track down various statistics on the world countries in real time. Those include: population, GDP, births, deaths, economy and so on.

The website itself is very plain, loads fast and has the necessary information right in front of the viewer.

Country Meters is available in several languages: English, Bulgarian, German, Spanish, French, Portugese, Russian and Chinese. The language selection is available at the panel in the footer of the website.

We’ve contacted the website owners to get more information on their project.

“Our figures for most countries are based on the latest available data published by UN statistical division,” BitWebMagazine was told.

“For some countries we use officially published data by national statistics departments. If so, the source must be referenced,” said the website’s representative. “The figures for birth, death and migration rates are also based on different public UN databases.”

BitWebMagazine was also told that all the data provided on the website is CountryMeters’ own estimations.

To browse more stats on any particular country, visit the website here.


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