Tweets to become searchable on Google


Good news for avid Twitter users! Soon your Tweets will be searchable on Google, according to a newsletter message from Addme.

Back in 2011 Google and Twitter discontinued their relationship in 2011 to show Twitter posts in Google searches. This practice, of not indexing tweets prevented many users from getting “live” tweets in their searches, and move to Bing search engine.

Now, according to an agreement between Google and Twitter, beginning in the first half of 2015, Tweets will be automatically indexed in Google. Previously, they had to go through the manual indexing process.

The terms of the deal have not been disclosed publicly.

Twitter has more than 248 million active users who send out thousands of “tweets” on a hourly basis.

The agreement would allow both Twitter and Google to benefit in several ways. Google benefits because it improves the overall search engine performance. Having immediate access to tweets sent out by users allows Google to provide real-time data about what people are talking about.

Meanwhile, for Twitter – a number of users jumped ship with a disastrous rollout of the iOS8 integration, costing the micro-blogging platform nearly 4 million faithful users. The benefit for Twitter is that it gives the platform an immediate access to thousands of potential new users every day. This will also encourage those current Twitter account holders to log into their accounts more frequently which can only be a positive move for Twitter.

For those who use Twitter on a regular basis, this new agreement offers an opportunity to get more users reading their tweets. For many, this means an opportunity to sell their products and services to an increasingly large marketplace. Before mid-year, those who are searching for specific information on Google will also be able to get the latest tweets that relate to their search.

It is estimated that Google will allow the latest Tweets to be visible in search results even before the mid-2015. For bloggers and others, this could also mean an increase in website and blog traffic as more people who share these sites on Twitter will now have them shared by Google as well.

This new agreement is good news for many, and provides a number of new opportunities for these two Internet companies as well as for the users of both services. Users will now have broader access to more real time information provided by Twitter users.


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