Top ways to make money off your website or blog


CPA Lead– CPALead works like a gateway: advertising requires visitors to fill out a survey before they can access premium content (which can be anything, from videos to e-books, software, etc). It can however ruin visitor’s website experience, so be careful.

Contextual Advertising – Contextual Advertising is a variation on PPC advertising such as AdSense. In text advertising networks such as “Kontera” for example, highlight words in the text on a website and then pay out when users click on them.

Contacts! – Yes, in fact this can also qualify as a way to monetize a website. Think about it: your contacts (if you work on your list building hard) can reach big numbers, and you got this magic ability to send your messages/promotional offers/discount deals to your subscribers, and after that, you can even start charging a buck or two for sponsorship.

Donate Button – A donate button is one of the top ten ways to monetize a website because it is optional and non-intrusive while rewarding high-quality content.

Selling Links – If your website gets a lot of traffic then one of the better ways to monetize your website/blog is to sell links, no less. If you can combine good Google Pagerank and some good traffic, you’d be surprised how many people would actually want to have their link on your frontpage.

Affiliate Sales – Selling affiliate products means that you get a cut of the profit when refer a customer to a page and they then make a purchase. This is one of the top 10 ways to monetize a website as the pay out is potentially quite high, but you don’t need to worry about creating items to sell yourself or other matters such as packaging and customer services.

Paid Advertising – If your website is generating a lot of traffic then you surely should try this option as one of the ways to monetize your traffic/website. Basically, what you do is you place a “Your ad here” box on your website, and wait for advertisers to write/call you, and offer you a deal. After that, you can count on a monthly payment from them, to have an advertising on your site/blog.

PPC Advertising – PPC Advertising means using things such as Google AdSense which ensures you get paid every time that someone clicks on one of the advertisements on your website. This remains one of the best of the top 10 ways to monetize a website due to its simplicity and the direct correlation between traffic and income.

Promoting a Business – Exactly, why not simply promote your business? This method is superior to forms of advertising or affiliate sales as you will get 100% of the profit from your customers.

Selling Your Own Products – Selling your own products via a website/blog has to be one of the best ways to monetize a site/blog. In fact, in this particular case, you are earning 100% of the profit and keeping the viewers on your site. Think: digital products, info products, e-books, specific reports on your particular niche, service might do as well. Doing research on a particular option might help as well, so you’d know how other salesmen do it, and get something useful out of it.


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