Top 10 tips for bringing traffic to a website


Despite the fact that there are dozens of “new ways to get tons of traffic to a website” appear online, there are still those “bulletproof ones” that will work for you no matter what.

These useful tips listed below will work regardless of your niche, and are fully reliable. They’re the fundamentals of getting traffic, if you wish. Check them out below.

Guest blogging – be a guest blogger for blogs and websites in the same niche as yours. Find the relevant blogs, study their content, and offer the owner to write a guest post on that blog. You will probably get not just exposure, but also a link back and some targeted traffic as well.

Hold a contest – Contests are fun! Try finding some sponsors that would be likely to offer prizes and hold a contest on a particular topic. Make sure you make some sort of requirement for participation, for example, peole would have to share the contest with others or link back to it for participation.

Write a “list post” – this is something that people online just love to read. Such posts/articles usually have the most attractive headlines. Try writing a resourceful “list posts” which contains the best tutorials within your niche, or maybe is a collection of “the most effective” ideas from other blogs.

Create a poll – It’s time to vote! Create a poll on a an interesting or heated topic, and try attracting as many people as you can into it. Think about holding these once a week, at least.

News covering – This here is a smart tip, as you can simply cover a hot topic on your website. This could be useful if you do not have a very specific niche, yet you can try to make this hot topic applicable to your niche and thus make it useful for your audience.

Create “series” – there are two ways to do this, one – is you can create series based on your own subject, or you can tackle a hot topic that people want to know about and turn it into a series. You can also think about asking others to participate in adding more to the series as they develop, if the topic is interesting enough.

Be a little controversial – whatever you do, try not to be boring. Being controversial means going the other way – challenging something, an idea (in your niche), and expressing opinion that is different from that of general public.

Interview people – try making interviews with people within your niche. Finding those who are influental in your niche is great, if you can manage to do that. You can even try to have them promote your content as well.

Answer a major question – Try to figure out the biggest questions your audience has and create a set of posts which specifically give answers to these questions.

Make something for “give away” – make something valuable in your niche that people can find useful for their own projects, like an e-book, a report, etc. Make it – and give it away for free.


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