Strange people: living “Barbie” and “Ken” human-dolls



Did you know that there are living copies of famous “Barbie” and “Ken” dolls? Yes, they are real people, of flesh and blood. Well, not just flesh and blood, there is also plastic, silicone and lack of common sense.

“KEN” – is Justin Jedlica, an American, living in Chicago. He’s just over 30 years old, and he has made his first plastic surgery (on the nose) back when he was 18 years old. Jedlica hasn’t stopped since, making around 100 plastic surgeries, and spending around $160,000 on such operations.




Jedlica put silicone all over himself, including his butt, to make himself look more like Kim Kardashian, and also put implants into his biceps and triceps, instead of working out.

He works as a model, and says that he doesn’t want to stop doing plastic surgery – despite his mother is warning him. Well, over 100 operations and spent $160k – that’s a proof of the fact that warnings won’t help.

“Barbie” – on the other hand, lives in Ukraine, and her name is Valeriya Lukyanova. She’s several years younger than Justin Jedlica, and reportedly, is married.



Some photos of Lukyanova are truly amazing – you wouldn’t believe it’s not a doll on the picture. It takes Lukyanova some time to apply all the necessary make-up, unlike Jedlica. Lukyanova has claimed she only did one plastic surgery, compared to Jedlica’s 100.

Lukyanova considers herself an artist, she sings, and she loves her pets – cockroaches. Yeah, you read that right, cockroaches.

Barbie meets Ken


Yes, they did meet in real life. However, the two individuals couldn’t find any common ground, as “Ken” said he wasn’t impressed by “Barbie”, who only looks like one with make-up, while he’s the true “Ken” 24 hours a day.


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