Small Business Ideas – child care


Home daycare and child-care centers are always in demand, even today.

There are of course pros and cons, if you are a person that loves children and has the ability to give them safe, reliable and engaging care this profession may be for you.

This is a profession, and you must be able to run a top-notch operation, because parents are looking for an exceptional and stimulating environment. You must have a clear view of what your home daycare will offer.

Demonstrate to your client what you will offer their child or children while they are in your care. Developing age appropriate lesson plans that you can show parent is an excellent idea.

DO NOT, under any circumstances go into this business if you have short temper. You are aware of the occasional news about “a babysitter kills/strangles/beats/injures/ a baby”.

So think twice, this is not something technical. If you’re no good with people, maybe this type of job is not for you, regardless of gender.

This type of business of not one of those “get rich quick” types, make no mistake. Hardwork and a big portion of patience is required. However, the need for home daycare is always there, and equally so, the financing to enhance the care you give is always there as well.

If you plan on working as a private babysitter at home, the first thing you have to earn, before your paycheck is TRUST. Keep in mind, a child is the last thing a parent wants to lose or see it hurt, so what you need to assure your clients of, is the trust. Unless they can’t trust you – they wont let you handle their children.

For information about licensing in your state, help with financing and other information for child care providers check out the childcare bureau.

For how to get started, training and other important information go to child care aware.


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