Reinventing the wheel: part scooter, part treadmill, part bicycle (VIDEO)


Sometimes reinventing the wheel can result in creation of something really cool and unique. This is one of such cases. Bruin Bergmeester from Holland has created the first ever “walking bike” – part treadmill, part bicycle, part scooter. And it is amazing.

When asked how he came up with the idea, Bruin explains he works full time and sits all day, so he likes to exercise on a treadmill at home. So why not take out the treadmill outside? That’s when he created “Lopifit”.

When you put your foot on the belt and push it backwards, it makes the shaft turn. Sensors register the movement and send a signal to a computer, situated near the storage battery, which then makes a motor turn.

Being electrical, the Lopifit runs quite fast and is equally good going uphill. It is suited for all ages, all leg lengths, and all physical conditions.

You can purchase such “walking bike” on demand from Holland. They are more expensive than a usual bike due to batteries.


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