Publisher-Writer difference: turning your website into a cash-making machine


What is more important than lots of traffic coming down you way? A better business model, or a plan if you will, is better.

If done correctly (and more importantly, correctly structured), it can be of much benefit in the future.

A basic business model is:

1) create a website with lots of content, monetize it with Google Adsense, or affiliate links
2) drive traffic to that website/blog
3) collect your money

That’s basics, although a lot of people don’t get it done right anyway. For example, online – publishing is one thing, and writing is another. People frequently mix these two “models”.

Instead of focusing on publishing, they focus on writing, and that’s where it all goes wrong. Keep in mind: writing doesnt pay off, if you’re writing for your own website. Publishing does.

If you are going to follow the “publisher model”, please stick to being a publisher, not writer. Let someone else do the writing (you’d still have to control the end result though).

It’s the same as for all those publishing companies offline – the book and magazine publishers make way more money than the writers themselves.

Its simple: the publishers earn money from a lot of books and magazines being sold, while the writer earns money from just a few (or one) book.

Now, try thinking of this using the word “online” in there – if you write all the content yourself, you can only have one, two or three websites making money for you (if at all), whereas if you stop writing the content and focus on just publishing the content on your website, you can be making money from a lot of websites, all at once.

Think of a website as a well-oiled “machine” that keeps working day in and day out. Set it up once, and forget it. Then move on to the next machine.

That’s the real power of the “publisher model”, and if you don’t have money to hire writers for your websites, you can always go cheaper – buy a pack of PLR articles, and they will do the job.


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