Printable, rewritable paper – a breakthrough in technology


Imagine if there was a rewritable paper instead of that you’re used to. No more need to spend money on usual paper. No more need to use ink. Plus, rewritable paper can be used up to 2o times.

A special dye embedded in the paper makes it printable and rewritable. The dye goes from dark to clear and back when chemical reactions move electrons around, according to an article on SocietyforScience.

The paper can work with blue, green or red dye. But full color printing is not yet practical. To do that, scientists need a way to use a combination of dyes. They also will need to vary how much light different parts of the paper get during printing.

Another issue is that someone couldn’t read an article and then decide to save it on the new paper. The whole paper still would darken in two days or so.

Nonetheless, the cost savings and environmental benefits of rewritable paper could be “enormous”.

Lower paper use could help preserve forests, meanwhile using less paper not only could reduce the amount of trash from printed materials, but also the amount of chemical pollutants.

Still, don’t yet throw out your notebooks and computer printers. Rewritable paper has a long way to go before it’s ready for use in homes, schools and offices.

More on the subject – via this link.


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