Nathan Jones – an uncut diamond with no proper handling


nathan-jonesIf someone would have thought of making a movie about the strongest man in the world, Nathan Jones would probably be the only one who’s got the looks of the strongest man in the world. But first, a bit of history.

Before his career as a wrestler, Jones was sentenced to 16 years in 1987 at Boggo Road Gaol for eight armed robberies between 1985–1987, two of which occurred in Tasmania.

During the robberies, he became one of Australia’s most wanted and ended up serving seven years in a maximum-security prison, in 1994 Jones was given one year work release, before being discharged.

While in prison, he was introduced to the sport of powerlifting. Within a short space of time, he became the National Powerlifting Champion of Australia.

Enter 2001-2002, when Jones got into the wrestling business, after winning some strongman competitions.

In the wrestling ring however, Jones turned out to be nothing special, which really is a shame, considering his looks, size and strength.

Below are some videos of Jones in the wrestling ring, and one thing is clear from these: he was the uncut diamond that never really got anyone to shape him up.

A lot of people believe Jones couldn’t wrestle, and eventually couldn’t handle professional wrestling in general.

During his time with the WWE (2002-2003), Jones was in great shape, and even showed some martial art skills during his rare matches. That however wasn’t enough to make a desired impression.

Jones soon quit the WWE, allegedly because of the heavy schedule (makes one wonder – what he expected, being a wrestling star for the biggest wrestling company in the world).

Jones later found his niche in action movies (he fought Jackie Chan, battled Tony Jaa, got killed by Brad Pitt and so on), however still it seems like he’s not being used up to his full potential.

Still a shame – a great athlete, super powerful, great looks, but just didn’t fit into the wrestling entertainment.


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