Miyoko Shida demonstrates jaw-dropping balance – VIDEO


miyoko-shidaIf you’ve never seen this before, then this kind of performance, or skill, could be described like this: its cooler than what David Copperfield was doing. Make no mistake, this is no trick, and Miyoko Shida is no joke.

In 1996 an artist made a structure out of 13 palm ribs, which held together only due to tremendous balance.

This moment was the birth of the Sanddornbalance, one of the most stunning acts the world has ever seen, which has been enchanting audience everywhere with no difference of culture, age, education.

For more than 15 years in which Madir Eugster has been the only performer until he took the decision to share his experience and transfer his knowledge to a small number of selected artists who from now on carry on the tradition of Sanddornbalance in their own individual style and adaptation.

Enough of history though. Here below Miyoko Shida does what none of us would probably think of doing. Check it out.


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