Like a boss: Shepherd cat in Ireland looks over farm animals – PHOTOS


kotoboss-ireland-6There’s a farm in Ireland, which is very popular on social networks. In particular, this farm’s shepherd is popular on social networks. This shepherd…is a cat, named Bodacious.

The cat’s owner, Suzanna Crampton, says Bodacious really helps her out at the farm and is basically a “sheep manager” at the farm.

“Bodacious loves walking the morning and evening rounds on the farm, inspecting all the Zwartbles sheep. When doing our rounds with Bodacious the sheep even walk up to greet him, if they are in the mood,” she wrote on her blog.

ModernFarmer spoke to Crampton not long ago regarding Bodacious, and she revealed some interesting details. In particular she said she picked up the cat when it walked into a store, and she picked him up.

“We couldn’t track down his owners. The store owner couldn’t keep him so she asked me if I could. I’m always taking home strays so I was an easy mark,” she said.

She was also asked why was the cat named Bodacious.

“Years ago I was living in New York for a bit when some Texan people said to me, “God you’re a bodacious woman!” I thought it was quite rude at first, until someone told me what it means. Seemed like a perfect name for this cat.”

Crampton also revealed some details about the character of her shepherd.

“He had absolutely no fear. Bodacious (some people call him Mr. B) was following me close pretty soon after I got him. One day I was letting the horses out and he stood his ground there, hooves clomping all around him. It’s not that he’s some dizzy blonde or stupid; he’ll get out of the way if there’s some real danger,” she said.

Bodacious usually looks over the animals at the farm and lets Suzanna know if something is wrong, in other words, being the farm manager. One thing for sure, Bodacious sure loves to be photographed, and looks totally LIKE A BOSS on some photos! Take a closer look below:


















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