Electronic cigarettes more dangerous than usual tobacco


You never really thought smoking electronic cigarettes would be safer than usual tobacco, did you? Well, there’s another study to back up this thought.

According to a new study, released by the journal PLoS One – the aerosol from electronic cigarettes contains higher levels of measurable nanoparticle heavy metals than conventional tobacco smoke.

There’s a concerning fact about electronic cigarettes – toxic metal and silicate particles including nanoparticles are present in both the cigarette fluid and aerosol.1.

Researchers at the Department of Cell Biology and Neuroscience, University of California Riverside, carried out some tests, to reveal the contamination level in electronic cigarettes, including light and electron microscopy, cytotoxicity testing, and x-ray microanalysis.

Long story short – the results of the testing were as follows:

“The concentrations of nine of eleven elements in electronic cigarettes aerosol were higher than or equal to the corresponding concentrations in conventional cigarette smoke. Many of the elements identified in electronic cigarettes aerosol are known to cause respiratory distress and disease.”

The authors of the study concluded that “The presence of metal and silicate particles in cartomizer (atomizer/cartridge connecting to the battery) aerosol shows the need for improved quality control in the design and manufacture of electronic cigarettes, and studies on how EC aerosol impacts the health of users and bystanders.”

So, at this point – if you do smoke, and cannot, or not willing to quit – smoke conventional cigarettes.


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