Don’t get fooled: “Get-Rich-Quick” scams online


Making tons on money online is something we all want to do, yet its not as easy as some people would trick you to believe. There are tons of get-rich-quick scam websites that claim that online financial freedom is only a sign-up fee away.

Are these schemes for real? About 9 of 10 are of course not, and they’re just trying to scam you by getting you to pay for useless information. Now, go through the following list, to make sure you won’t be labeled as just another …who got hooked.

1. Annoying “pop-ups” on leave Operators of get-rich-quick schemes often behave like they’ve just taken an Internet marketing school on being as annoying as possible, and this brash tactic of showing pop-ups when the visitor leaves the site is extremely irritating. Some get-rich-quick sites even show multiple pop-ups meaning in order to leave the site the visitor has to “cancel” many pop-up windows. These pop-up windows will typically offer further special discounts.

2. “Limited time” sign-ups Most get-rich-quick scams utilise many immoral pressuring tactics to get their victims to enrol and creating the illusion that the “program” or “offer” is only available for a certain amount of time is one of the more successful tactics scam operators use to get their victims signed up. They tell visitors to the site that this “once in a lifetime program” will soon expire in order for the visitor to hastily sign up. It is hardly ever true – the programs usually do not close their doors until the operators move on to then next scam.

3. Discounts for “limited time” Another pressuring tactic to get victims to sign up hastily is to create the illusion that the price of the program on offer is a temporary special discounted price that will soon expire. Again like point 9, this is hardly ever true and is just used to get victims to sign up for fear of having to pay a much higher price later on.

4. Vivid cheapness hitting you in the face Get-rich-quick scam operators are not great web designers, and their websites tend to stay online for only a short amount of time, meaning not that much effort goes into creating the actual website, meaning from many of these sites you can expect tacky and amateurish web site design including large red and black fonts, piles of information crammed into one long page with no navigation, yellow highlight, stock photos and cheap graphics.

5. Screenshots Get-rich-quick operators will nearly always include screenshots of their “earnings” from using whatever program they are trying to sell their victim. They try and use screenshots as proof that they are genuine, but in reality it is not proof at all. Firstly, many of these screenshots are simply faked with photo editing software like Adobe Photoshop – in today’s age not a particularly difficult thing to achieve. If the screenshots are real, then they are certainly not a result of the program being offered to the victim, rather the earnings portrayed in the screenshot are a result from scamming victims into buying various useless products, including the one they are trying to sell the victim.

6. Fake “Success stories” Nothing shouts scam quite like anonymous unreachable names singing praises to a program. Get-rich-quick scammers will try anything to get victims to believe they are the real deal, and creating faked or sponsored testimonials to persuade someone to sign up is something the FTC have been trying to crack down on recently, but get-rich-quick scams carry on regardless.

7. Expensive cars and houses… Get-rich-quick operators love to post photos of expensive cars, houses and vacations. It is all part of the dream the scammer will create to lure the victim into biting. The photos however are usually stock photos or just a photo the scammer has taken of someone else’s car or house. The scammer will use fake success stories to get the victim into thinking about how nice it would be to be rich, and these photos are used as an aid. See next point for more details.

8. “Financial freedom” stories Probably the most prolific and successful tactic get-rich-quick scammers can use to get victims to sign up is to tell tales of how great it is to be rich. Usually accompanied by rags-to-rich stories, stories of paying bills and going on expensive holidays and how nice it is to never have to go into work are used to lure the victim into baiting. This is one of the strongest weapons in the get-rich-quick scammer’s arsenal and is nearly always used prolifically on their websites.

9. Upgrade costs and Unforeseen fees Part of why these scams are scams is because they use two barely legal tactics to make money. The first one is simply hiding extra costs in their terms and conditions. Often scams will claim their programs are available for only a handful of dollars but reading the terms will reveal that not cancelling within certain time frames leads to hefty monthly charges. The 2nd tactic is to bait the victim with a low price using the tactics above such as claiming they will get rich, and once the victim has signed up, the scam will ask them to pay for more premium services to “heighten” their chances of getting rich and being successful.

10. Making unrealistic money in unrealistic time… What makes a get-rich-quick scam a scam is obviously the assertion that you will get rich, and get rich quickly! Scams like this will claim the victim can be earning between thousands a month to millions of dollars every year! Of course these claims are ridiculous to anyone who knows better. Get-rich-quick scams will never tell you what they are, just what they are not. There are only fake reviews available online, but this is enough to fool victims into thinking the scam is legitimate. Getting rich online is no easy feat, and if a website tells you it is easy and quick, that is the sure fire way of knowing they are trying to scam you.


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