BitTorrent reaches 25,000,000 Mobile downloads


BitTorrent’s representatives confirmed they hit a new mobile milestone – 25,000,000 users have already downloaded BitTorrent’s file-sharing applications.

BitTorrent is known for recently teaming up with hip-hop legendary group Public Enemy for another musician-file-sharing platform deal, and now the company posted the announcement saying that it is stoked that 25,000,000 of the Internet users are now getting their torrents to go. It seems that this smartphone revolution thing that people are talking about is for real.

Today BitTorrent’s blog also lets you know that both BitTorrent and UTorrent mobile applications have been updated.

Now they include improvements related to stability, performance and speed.

The company’s announcement read that BitTorrent Inc. will also be soon launching a new central location for uTorrent mobile application at

The experts admit that BitTorrent Inc. is definitely riding the wave, particularly if you take into account how many file-sharers are using the P2P application on their PCs. In the meanwhile, UTorrent is currently ranked among the iOS users as a top file-sharing app.

BitTorrent’s blog post thanks all mobile users times 25 million. If you are one of them, you can share your app ideas or feedback with the company. If not – you can download BitTorrent apps for iOS and Android right now.


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