Amazing shadow art from Azerbaijani artist



Rashad Alakbarov is an artist from Azerbaijan, Baku. Born in 1979, Alakbarov first presented his work in 2000, and today he’s considered to be one of the most vivid representatives of Azerbaijan’s art scene.

Alakbarov’s works with shadows are stunning. While some claim he’s replicating some other similar artists, his works are fantastic nonetheless.



“Even since my childhood, everyone knew I would become an artist,” Alakbarov recently told the Hipster magazine. “There aren’t many artists who work with shadows. I was even told once that some website published my works, but wrote my name wrong. It really isn’t that important.”

Alakbarov says he’s a painter of decorative metal art, who has worked with plexiglass (Fly to Baku, 2011), with plastic (Portrait made of Bottles, 2011), and with materials at hand.

“I am interested in the East, but I do not follow one specific pattern. I also never throw away my sketches,” he says.


“Without a purpose a man doesn’t exist. There should always be a purpose. You reach one purpose, then move on to the next. Thus, a purpose should be reachable. That’s the difference between a purpose and a dream.”


*Photos take from the gallery of Contemporary Art of Azerbaijan


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