8 ways to gain trust of your readers


Times change, and today is is not as easy to gain your readers’ trust as it once was. Same thing with running a website, it was a lot easier in the early days.

If you had a .com domain and a nice looking design you had trust. Webmaster didn’t have to put in too much effort in showing off who they are and why they are the right solution to people’s problems.

Nowadays, blogging had become more and more about networking, building relationships with your visitors or potential customers. You need to put yourself before the content.

You need to let people know there is a real person behind the blog they are reading.

You need to showing off your face and interact with your readers to gain trust. The results are important, so check out below for 8 tips for gaining that trust of your blog/website visitors.

1. Introduce yourself – The first and most important step is to introduce yourself to your audience. Build a compelling “About” page and make it visible. Don’t hide it out. Have a link pointing to it in the sidebar above the fold and author bio box bellow each blog post. Adding a picture of yourself wouldn’t hurt either. Remember that a potential customer will rely on YOU not on your blog posts.

2. Blog about yourself – This is a good way you can take the “About” page even further. You can write about your personal life every now and then but don’t overdo it. Even though it probably won’t be the main topic your readership is interested in, these types of posts are fun to read and will improve your personal relationship with your readers. Don’t be afraid to let people know how your summer holiday was or what you had for breakfast.

3. Offer freebies (something for free) – People have always loved getting things for free. Online its the same – offering something for free would make your visitors loyal to you and realize that you are not trying to rip them off. You could offer free e-books, coupons, WordPress Themes, services and so on. This is also a good way to get some promotion and increase your subscriber list as well.

4. Get on social media – You want to be where your customers are and these day people are on Facebook, Twitter and other few socializing platforms. These two tools can bring in lots of benefits if used wisely.

5. Answer to comments and e-mails – always try to answer to comments that visitors leave on your blog or website. Answer their questions or let them know if you agree or not with their opinion. This will make them feel that somebody is taking note of their opinion. Occasionally, you can also e-mail them directly or comment back on their blog. Get personal with your visitors!

6. Do “Q&A” sessions – Another great way to build a trusty relationship with your readers is to do regular “Q&A” sessions. Offer your consultant services for free from time to time. This will not only turn them into loyal visitors but also make them aware of your knowledge and your professional advices.

7. Offer your own products/services – You will eventually want your readers to buy something from you (if you are to sell something in the first place). Build yourself of portfolio of services and start selling them. Make sure to interact with your customers a lot while working with them via conference calls, video conferences, and email.

8. Attend events – One last thing you want to add to your list is attending events. You don’t need to be a speaker or attend big events at first. Just pick a couple of smaller get-togethers in your niche and interact with the people there. Once your online business starts to grow you can attend bigger events, build relationships with more customers and partnerships with bigger guys in your niche.


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