7 Ideas for fresh blog posts


There are tons of topics you can write about, really. Of course, not every blog post will go off with a bang, since some believe, people are somewhat predictable online.

Now, below are some selected tips on “what to write about” on your blog.

Check them out, maybe, you’ll get hit by a “lightning” right away. Most of the tips would best suit internet marketers, however if you get the basic idea of these tips, it just might benefit you as well.

Blog Post Idea #1: Write a Review (of something) Reviews are a great way to generate money with your blog and to educate your audience about the products or services they can purchase that will aid them within your niche. A product review should be ethical; it’s important to fully understand the product which is why it’s recommended that you own the product rather than doing a summary about it using online information. Share your experiences and get people to imagine what their life would be like owning the product and you will increase your chances of earning a sale with the review.

Blog Post Idea #2: Create a Top List People love to read list style posts because they’re easy to digest and there is a small underlying ‘competitive’ factor to the list (people are itching to see the #1 spot). A list can be created around any top from the top 10 people within your niche to the top 10 products. Top lists are easy to create and can be great to summarize a lot of information without digging too specific into each of the items within the list. Additionally, list posts are great for reference at later times.

Blog Post Idea #3: Shoot a Video Ever wonder why Youtube has over a billion video views each day? Video is highly engaging because people can sit back, learn or be entertained without needing to read through an expansive blog post. You can begin to create video blog posts by purchasing an inexpensive video camera online or use screen capture tools to create Screencasts. Once published, you can embed and share your video on your blog, social media networks and link to it within other blog posts.

Blog Post Idea #4: Develop a Series People love to read novels because there is a story arch in which they may follow and become engaged; they fall in love with the characters and the journey. A blog post series follows the same mindset as a story because it leads the reader through a process where they are the main character and their ‘quest’ is to complete the task and gain the reward. A blog post series should be three or more posts but can be any length depending on how many posts you need to cover your topic.

Blog Post Idea #5: Share Something Personal Blog readers visit blogs because they seek information but more importantly, they are visiting blogs because they enjoy the person behind it. A blog without personality is only pumping out information but there’s nothing really for readers to hang on to. One great way to engage your audience is to share something deeply personal within your life; the reader can associate with your struggles and triumphs and a greater bond is created between both parties. Another thing you can do is write about something that is of big interest to you (pick a topic you can work on, and write something on it).

Blog Post Idea #6: Write a Stellar How-To Pick a topic that is rarely covered in your niche and write the most stellar how-to post on completing a task or project. People itch to learn a new skill or trade which makes blogging such a perfect platform to share information and connect with an audience. A detailed how-to post is greatly rewarding for those that follow the steps; it’s equally rewarding to the blogger because people will show thanks which may result in them commenting, sharing the post on social media or even purchasing a product you have for sale on your blog.

Blog Post Idea #7: Cover an event News is always a hot item because people are always seeking to be aware of the world around them. Pay attention to major shifts in your niche by following relevant blogs that cover news and then write your own explanation or summary of the event. Current event blog posts can cover anything from a new business launch, gossip from other bloggers or a product release on your end – the limitations to the blog post are truly endless and the nature of current events mean that you will always have a constant stream of new blog posts in the works.


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