6 free tools to create mobile version for your website


mobile-websitesIn this article we are going to deal with Tools that which helps you to create Mobile Version for your Blog or website.

After evolution of mobile computing the web-sites have started aiming at the PDA’s of the users by making their websites available in the mobile versions.

It is estimated that around 63% of people in the world own mobile phones, 19% of which own highly qualified mobiles with services like 3G, Bluetooth, WLAN, GPS, and others. This number is going to reach around 34% by the end of 2012, according to market analysts.

As a result many websites have been concentrated on this issue by making their websites available at mobile versions.

Right now, thousands of websites were releasing the Mobile versions, however they appear bit jumbled, confusing, squashed but are expected to be at their best with in the short span of time. Some websites are providing the tool for creating the Mobile version of your website, and below are 6 websites that offer free services for creating a mobile website version.

1. MobiReady
2. MobiSiteGalore
3. WinkSite
4. Zinadoo
5. WinreNode
6. DudaMobile


#1. Mobiready

The mobiReady testing tool evaluates mobile-readiness using industry best practices & standards. The free report provides both a score (from 1 to 5) and in-depth analysis of pages to determine how well your site performs on a mobile device.

• Provides results for a whole site : Site wide testing, Report archive, Enhanced emulators
• Provides results for markup only : HTTP tests ignored, Live site not required, Detailed error reports
• Provides results for a single page : W3C mobileOK tests, dotMobi compliance


#2. MobiSiteGalore

Create free mobile website design in minutes , Host your free mobile websites ( wap site / mobi site ) anywhere, No software to install. MobiSiteGalore is a FREE mobile website builder that allows you to easily build, publish & share a full-fledged mobile website that is guaranteed to work fine on any mobile phone.

Features :
• No technical knowledge required
• Nothing to download or Install
• Build with Mobile or computer
• Add Forms, Sell via mobile, Show Ads
• And it’s 100% free.


#3. Winksite

WINKsite is the quickest way to build a mobile audience. Winksite is a moblogging solution for personal expression and social networking. In minutes, you can create a Mobile website, Mobile Site Builder, Mobile Community, Mobile Chat, Mobilize Your Blog.

Features :
•    Monetize your mobile site with advertising from leading advertising networks. Your revenue share is 100%. Winksite does not take a share of the revenue that your mobile site generates.
•    Create and publish your W3C mobileOK and .mobi standards-compliant mobile Website in minutes.
•    Activate mobile-tuned features like chat, forums, & surveys.
•    Create a profile, join mobile communities, connect with friends, and meet new people.
•    Work online – no software to install.
•    Personalize your mobile site with your own sense of style.
•    Build traffic with FREE “Send to Phone” widgets.
•    Mobilize your Website, Blog, Twitter, and Jaiku feeds.
•    Desktop Mobile Site Widgets, QR Codes, and more.


#4. Zinadoo

With over 20,000 subscribes its serving its one of the best in this business. Zinadoo free mobile website creation tool that includes a full suite of products such as zinadoo free mobile design and development building tool with many more web requirements.

• FREE mobile site creation tool
• FREE mobile site hosting
• FREE zinadoo.mobi domain name
• FREE mobile service creation tool


#5. WireNode

It helped over 35,000 websites to establish a mobile version. Create rich mobile pages and mobile websites with minimal effort. Include images, mobilize your blog from RSS an do much more.

Features :
• Easy-to-use mobile website creator
• Intuitive mobile publishing
• Free for personal use
• Mobile Marketing ready
• 100% W3C & MobileOK
• ANYPAGE© Rendering Engine


#6. DudaMobile

Another affordable solution for creating free mobile websites is DudaMobile. It has both paid and free packages. The free package allows a user to customize up to 10 pages, and is given a 500 mb bandwith. There are advertisements included, and if you go fro the free plan, your mobile address would be – (dudamobile.com/yourcompany). Free package also offer mobile website analytics.

Features :
• Easy-to-use mobile website creator
• Mobile website Analytics
• Free for personal use
• 500 mb bandwith
• Customize up to 10 pages
• Community support




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