5 tools for managing WordPress websites from one location


Running more than one WordPress website can be a pain up there, especially when you have to handle multiple updates every time, plugin updates, and article postings.

After the release of WordPress 3.0, the users of the platform got the opportunity to establish a network of WordPress websites, and manage them all through one panel.

There are a number of solutions for managing several WordPress websites from one central location, and five of them are below, so feel free to check them out.

1. CMS Commander

CMS Commander, in addition to letting you manage multiple WordPress sites, also lets you manage multiple Drupal, Joomla, and phpBB sites as well.

You can use CMS Commander free for up to five sites. After that, prices go from $9.90/month for 10 sites, all the way up to $64.90/month for 200 sites.

CMS Commander’s features include: plugin and theme management (updating, activating/deactivating), automatic website backups, site cloning, automatic affiliate link insertion, post management (view recent posts, approve/delete drafts, etc.), comments management, user management, WP settings management, categories management, autoblogging and bulk posting (not on free accounts).

2. ManageWP

ManageWP has an array of free features, such as one-click updates and a centralized admin dashboard, and it also allows you to manage 5 WordPress websites for free.

There are also three premium plans that start at $4.00 (for up to five websites) that give you access to ManageWP’s premium features.

ManageWP’s free features include: one-click updates, all websites in one dashboard, one-click automatic login to your websites, installing and managing plugins and themes, dealing with spam comments, post revisions and optimizing databases, pageview traffic stats, email notifications for updates, IP address access restrictions, two-factor login authentification via email.

ManageWP’s premium features include three paid plans. With each paid subscription plan, you can have as many sites as you like. The difference comes in the features available. Check out ManageWP’s plans and pricing web page to see the difference between subscription plans. By the way, you can try all the features for free for thirty days.

Some of ManageWP’s premium features include: managing users, bulk adding new posts and pages, SEO analysis, Google Analytics integration, uptime monitoring and scheduled back-ups.

3. InfiniteWP

InfiniteWP offers both free basic features, and advanced premium ones, such as auto-scheduling of WordPress site backups.

InfiniteWP’s basic features include: one-click WordPress version updates, themes updates, plugins updates, ability to restore-download-delete backups.

As for the premium features, there are several of them, and whether or not to use them is for you to chose. InfiniteWP’s premium features include: WordPress install, WordPress clone installation, automatic back-up scheduling, repositories back-up, wordpress users management, save and run custom PHP code on multiple sites.


WP Remote is a simple and free solution that will allow you to do a few basic tasks related to managing multiple WordPress sites.

While you do need to install the WP Remote plugin for each WordPress installation, your administration panel for managing your sites is in one central location on the WP Remote site.

WP Remote has several needful features included such as: bulk update on all your WordPress installations, off-site backups, plugin updates, themes updates.

5. Worpit (currently icontrolwp.com)

Worpit allows you to manage a network of WordPress sites in one central location. A couple of Wordpit features are instant backup and recovery and bulk updating of WordPress plugins and themes.

You can manage one site for free with Worpit. There are six different paid subscriptions, ranging from five sites for $1.60/month, up to 500 sites for $160/month.

Among Worpit’s features are: one-click login for each site under single admin dashboard, WordPress installations update, automatic daily backups, on-demand backup and restore, plugins and themes auto install, built-in WordPress installer (helps to install new websites in 1 minute).

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