5 tips for more website traffic with Pinterest


Pinterest is a simple service where users browse a seemingly endless pinboard and ‘pin’ images that they like – it could be shoes, cakes, bedrooms, etc. – to their personal board.

The website, thanks in large part to tablets, is growing rapidly.

Retailers, museums, magazines, bloggers and even marketing and PR software providers are using Pinterest to drive traffic to their site and win more customers.

Below are some easy tips from Vocus on your can start getting your share of the pie as well:

Pin your blog images. As soon as you post on your blog, pin your blog image. It will serve as a link from your pinterest page to your blog, driving more traffic and generating more interest in your content.

Hold a contest or offer a discount. You can drive traffic to your pinboard, encourage re-pins and generate buzz with contests or discounts. Like on any social network, figure out what action you want your audience to take and entice them with an offer that will encourage them do it.

People can be pinteresting, too. Give your audience an inside look at your staff by setting up pins or boards with personal images. You can then link from that person’s image to the company website, a personal bio or even a bit of content that person wrote.

Keep everything simple. Pinterest is growing in popularity because it is incredibly easy to use. Keep your boards and pins in line with the rest of the site by making them easy to access and simple to understand.

Follow king pin-ners. Identify the people that are most influential with your target pinterest users and follow them. It’s the basic rules for social engagement and can help you access that influencer’s audience.


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