5 common blogging mistakes


There is a reason why when you’re trying to get your blog off the ground, you’re just not seeing the success that you expected. Keep publishing posts and checking stats obsessively is unfortunately not everything.

There are a few common mistakes that bloggers make when posting. None of these are hard to fix. Check them out below.

Mistake #1: Writing Posts With No Point – If you’re blogging seriously –aiming to make money, to promote your business, and/or to gain a readership – then every post you write needs to have a point. Some published posts are simply not going anywhere. There is nothing wrong with writing things like “this is what happened to me today” and “this is what I’m thinking about”, if you want your blog to be a personal journal.

If you’re hoping to reach a wider audience, though, your posts need to have a point. That means that each post should have a clear topic, reflected in a compelling title, deliver something valuable to the reader (whether that’s entertainment or information).

Mistake #2: Posting Inconsistently – A lot of bloggers start out posting daily – and then end up letting weeks go by without a post. Yet many do, you don’t have to post every single day. But, when you’re just getting started, you can post once a week or even once every two weeks.

What’s important is that you post consistently. Figure out a comfortable writing routine that works for you: maybe two posts each week. Ideally, you want to give yourself a bit of slack, so that you can get ahead and “bank” posts for busier times.

Mistake #3: Forgetting to Proof-Read – When you’re rushing to get a post out – or when you’re getting really into your writing – it’s easy to go so fast that you hit the wrong key, or accidentally type the wrong word. Your readers won’t expect your posts to be flawless – but they will be put off by constant typos and spelling mistakes.

If your posts look sloppy and slap-dash, this reflects badly on your content: you might be an expert in your subject, but readers won’t have much confidence in your words. After you write a post, take a few minutes to read it through. Even better, swap draft posts with a fellow blogger: it’s often easier to spot other people’s typos than your own.

Mistake #4: Ignoring Formatting – Making your post look attractive is important. Sometimes people write great posts, but very few people would actually read it. Make your post look attractive, so that readers don’t get put off before they’ve even begun. Use subheadings, bold text, lists, and short paragraphs to improve readability: the more white space, the better.

Mistake #5: Publishing Without Promoting – Your blog could be full of laugh-out-loud anecdotes and brilliantly-valuable information … but that’s no good if readers never find it. When you publish a post, don’t just sit back and think that you’ve finished. You need to promote that post – which could mean Tweeting it, mentioning it on Facebook, emailing it to any friends who might be interested (don’t overdo this), asking a few other bloggers to link to it, entering it into a blogging carnival, mentioning it in your guest post bio… and so on.


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