3 useful plugins for your WordPress website


Check out a few interesting wordpress plugins, that could be useful to you on your website.

#1. WP Pop Wizard

This is a really cool plugin that allows to easily create pop ups or slide ins for your WordPress pages and posts. You can insert anything you want into the pop-up or slide in including content, opt-in forms, videos, coupons, affiliate offers and much more.

If you buy this plugin, be sure to look at the additional offer available on the download page. You can get three additional really cool plugins for a dirt cheap price.

#2.  WP Traffic Cop

This is another plugin tailor made for marketers. It helps you capitalize on those people who visit your website and choose to hit the back button. As soon as their mouse cursor gets to the back button, it automatically redirects them to a web page of your choosing. As a word-of-caution, be careful with how you use this plugin.

You could anger your visitors into not returning to your website. On the other hand, if your traffic is almost always new visitors and you’re trying to get them to an affiliate offer page, this could really improve conversions.

#3. Shortcode Deluxe Plugin

This plugin allows you to easily insert high-quality graphics and sales page elements to any WordPress page or post just using basic shortcodes.

You can insert buy now buttons, testimonial boxes, featured banners, call out phrases, guarantee boxes and badges, pricing tables and so much more with ease! You really just have to check it out for yourself.


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