13 tips for earning more money with Google Adsense


To be honest, no one (including Google) knows how much money they can make. Depending on so many factors and being a rather unstable source of income, Google Adsense may not be the best solution for your website if you expect to get a steady check every month or expect a growth in income.

Google Adsense is Google’s content network on the webmaster’s end. This means you can paste a piece of script on to your website/blog and display Google ads there, and get paid whenever visitors click on these advertisements. You can make money with Google Adsense. Question is – how much can you make? Let’s take a closer look at the tips, which can help you to earn money.

Your website’s content – different website content has different pricing. For example, financial content will have a higher click value than a movie review content.

The origin of your visitors – The higher the financial power of the visitors, the more money a click will be worth. For example: Indian visitors (from India) or Chinese visitors (from China) worth less than US/Canada or UK visitors. Cost per click (CPC) of this particular advertisement (again depends on the content).

Volume of visitors on your website – If you have 10 visitors a day, obviously you will make less than 100 visitors per day.

Google will be good for your website in the following cases:

Your website is untargeted – no specific category. Keep in mind, that Google displays ads based on the visitors’ browsing history – this means that regardless of your website dealing with financial related matters, the visitor may be displayed Barbie doll advertisement on your website for a specific visitor.

You have no other sources of income – it’s better to make a few cents than nothing.

You don’t mind selling your traffic for cheap – as low as one cent per click. Let’s say you are promoting (as an affiliate) a product which gives you $20 per sale. A click on the Google advertisement may get you as low as 1 cent – it’s better to keep the visitors on your website instead of selling them for cheap as they just might buy that product eventually.

Blend adsense with your content – Your Adsense should not look like an ads but should look like a content. So make the colors of your adsense and the background blend with your content. People today avoid ads as much as possible so this is a very important thing to consider when deciding with the colors of your adsense.

If you want to make people click on your adsense then make them look like a part of your content. Also keep in mind, when choosing the color of you adsense title, highly recommended color is blue (#0000FF). The explanation why blue is the best – its the most common color for links so people will right away know that it is a link. It is not important that your content title and adsense title should have the same color because using blue for your adsense title works best.

Make the url go away – It is against the rules of Google if you make it invisible to the eyes of the people. One trick to do that is to change it’s color same with the content color of your ads so it will not look like a url.

Removing the borders – Blend the border color of your ads with your background color so it will not be visible. It can help to blend your ads with your content because if you put borders in your ads, it will look more like an ads and not a good idea.

What type of ads to choose? – There are a lot of advertisement to choose from adsense but one of the most used is the 728 x 90 (leaderboard). This is best to use if you are just starting with adsense and best placed at the top of your page (usually under the header title). You can also try placing this ad between your content and it blends well with your content. Placing this ad in the footer is not recommended – not a lot of readers would go that far.

If you don’t have much space for ads, you can also consider using the 468 x 60 (Banners) and 234 x 60 (Half-Banners). You can also place them at the top or in between you content just like the leaderboards. Try experimenting with different size ads, to see which one will produce the best results.

Using the 468 x 60 banner ad is not really recommended for a reason – its one of the most commonly used one so if you use it, people will know right away that it’s an ads so they will avoid it. Stick to the already mentioned rule – people avoid ads as much as possible, so bear with them. Try using the ads that best blend with the content.

If you want to place ads in your sidebars, you can choose from 160 x 600 (Wide Skyscraper), 120 x 600 (Skyscraper), and 120 x 240 (Vertical Banner). These are the best type of ads that will fit in your sidebar.

Don’t put too much… – Avoid putting a lot of ads in your site because if you do that, people will lose interest in visiting your site because people want good content and not ads. So we can use the quality over quantity where we place only a few ads but on good visible places.

Ads placed above the fold – People spend a lot of time above the fold so this is the best place to put your ads. Above the fold is the first place where people can see without scrolling. This is the perfect place for your ads.

Choose text ads over image ads – Some say, people hate banners and will avoid it as much as possible. Text ads are also easy to blend with your content compared to image ads because you’ll never know what kind if image will come out. But, you can also consider image ads as your last resort.


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