10 WordPress plugins to get more website traffic


Check out 10 WordPress plugins, that can help you to drive traffic to your website, and increase your visibility on search engines.

Sharebar – Social Media Slider

This plugin allows you, and your visitors to share content that they find interesting. The plugin includes all the social networks you might need, and if your content is interesting, your visitors will sure as hell share it. The plugin can be modified the way you want it, so it would fit into pretty much any wordpress website.

Tweet Old Post

Tweet old post plugin allows your visitors/readers to view your older pages and posts, even from the archives. You can set it up to tweet through TweetAdder, change the settings to include links, add additional text, how many it posts a day, and much more, you can even select the URL shortener. So, from 5 minutes of work, you can have all of your older posts contribute to your twitter marketing, and start sending you considerable traffic if you have a strong following.

Facebook Social Plugin

This is a plugin that almost every decent blog has, or at least a variation of it. The official Facebook version is probably a bit better than the one than most, but less in keeping with my theme. The official version is a large square box to attract the readers attention, with details on how many people like the Facebook page, as well as some of the names and faces of those who like it. There’s also an option to click ‘Like’ right there on the page, without having to go through to Facebook, which is a real advantage to the alternatives as readers are more likely to click on it if they don’t have to leave the page.

PopUp Domination

PopUp Domination is a paid plugin, but it sure does its job. It has been proven to increase your subscribers by 429%, by using a simple, but good looking light-box solution that pops up when a new visitor arrives on your site. It’s intrusive enough to get their attention, but designed well enough so that it’s clearly part of the website and not an unrelated advert. As mentioned before, this is a paid plugin, however there’s a refund if you somehow won’t like it. Follow the link to find out more about the plugin and prices.

Show Top Commentators

This plugin in a great way to encourage people to comment more often, because it starts to rank those who comment the most. It could be easily compared to becoming the major or somewhere in Foursquare, or karma on Reddit; it doesn’t mean anything, and you can’t do anything with it, but people want it anyway. You link the names, and website if they input it, along with the number of comments in your sidebar. This is a good way to grow your reader interaction, and make people want to come back to your site more than once.

Post to Twitter

Post to Twitter is a plugin that takes any content that you post on WordPress and then posts it to Twitter, which immediately notifies all of your followers. This sort of automation is accepted on Twitter, but not Facebook, because the number of updates per day is a lot higher than Facebook. Posting to Facebook is something that needs to be done manually because Facebook can detect what program is used to post, and that distances the fan from the post when they know that a machine wrote it.

Facebook Comments for WordPress

If you’re on Facebook (there are tons of reasons why you should be), this plugin is a must. Facebook comments plugin for WordPress makes it easier for people to comment on a post, it also means that they can share what they’ve commented to their Facebook page with the ‘post to Facebook’ function. By clicking on this function, it enables the readers to share their opinions in their Facebook feed, which is also sharing your website with all of their friends. By making it easier for them to comment, you’re actually helping people to find your website where they wouldn’t have before.


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