10 ways to make some extra money


Sometimes saving money isn’t enough, you have to find ways to make extra money to make ends meet or to be able to pull together an emergency fund. Here are a few ways that everyday people make extra money.

Babysit. You don’t have to be a teenager to babysit. In fact, most parents will pay more for sitters that can provide their own transportation and have many years of experience. To find clients, put an ad on Craiglist or look for a site like Sittercity.com that allows sitters to register, post a profile and be alerted of new jobs.

Petsitter/dog walker. If you’ve more of a pet person than a kid person, pet sitting and dog walking can be a good way to make some extra money and have fun with a furry friend. Again, you can post ads on Craiglist and your local paper. You can also ask veterinarian’s offices if you can leave a stack of flyers or put one up on their bulletin board.

If you have a green thumb, you can offer your services to help businesses and private individuals care for their houseplants and flower beds. You can help them decide which plants will do with their light and soil, plant or pot them, and return regularly for maintenance.

Help seniors or others who are unable to drive run their errands and get to their appointments. This could be a great option for those who don’t work their regular jobs during normal business hours. If you are uncomfortable transporting people or your insurance won’t allow it, you can always stick with running errands on your own.

Minor computer repair and other related tasks. Many people would love to hire somebody who can help them upgrade their operating systems, do a backup and restore or help them archive their photos/music/documents. You can also offer classes on basic computer use for individuals or small groups.

Housecleaning/organizing. You can either offer a weekly housecleaning service or offer to help people withe one-time big jobs such as spring cleaning or organizing a garage or attic or getting a house ready to sell.

Tutor. Depending on your skills and knowledge base, you can do anything from helping kindergartner’s practice their handwriting to helping college students with calculus. In general you can charge more for more advanced subjects.

Personal chef. It’s not just the wealthy who need a personal chef! Depending on your area’s health department regulations, you can either prepare food at home to deliver to your clients home’s or cook a week worth’s of dinners in their own kitchens. If you have experience cooking for special diets like The Zone or to accommodate diabetics or other health needs, be sure to advertise that.

Sewing, embroidery and other skills. People are looking for help with everything from making dresses to curtains to taking in pants to embroidering initials on cloth items. You can also sell your handmade creations on a site like Etsy or local crafts fairs and farmers markets.

Detail cars at people’s homes or workplaces. People will love being able to get their car looking like brand new without having to take time out of their day. Be sure to get business cards printed so that you can hand them out to curious coworkers and neighbors who are interested in your services.

Don’t be limited by this list, think about your unique skills and talents and how they could help other people while giving you a source of income.



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