10 Twitter tools and applications for your followers and your business


twitter-follow-meIf you’re using Twitter (and if you’re not, you definitely should), then check out these 10 Twitter tools that will help you to manage your account better, and promote your business online.

Since Twitter is one of the leading social networking websites today, and millions of people use it daily, this is crucial, so take a look at the tools listed below.

Twitterfeed: This allows you to post your newly posted article on Twitter Account without logging in. It uses your blog’s RSS Feed for posting an article on your Twitter account, and it also keeps checking your RSS for possible upcoming updates.

Twitpay: Twitpay is a simple way and very unique way to transfer your payments by Twitter.

Twtpoll: Twtpoll allows users to create opinion polls/surveys by using their Twitter accounts. So, you can easily create opinion polls/surveys by using your account.

Twitturly: Twitturly is a tracking service for Twitter, which lets you know what URLs users are talking about. It is somewhat similar to the concept of “Digg”, but still a little different.

Tweet Burner: This service allows you to find links which you have posted on Twitter and how many times they were re-posted, and which readers clicked on these links. Think of it as analytics service for Twitter, that tracks popularity of your links.

Tweet Stats: Tweet Stats allow users to determine their Twitter statistics. It generates graphs for: tweets per hour/month, tweet time, and so on.

Twitter Counter: Twitter Counter is very similar to feedburner, as feedburner show’s how many people are subscribed to your feed and Twitter Counter shows how many followers you have on your Twitter account.

Twitter Grader: Twitter Grader is a very interesting way to know power of a user profile. And it’s a good way to find Twitter users with similar interests.

Near Metter: Near Metter is about finding possible conversions between two twitter users.

Twitter Search: Its just like a search engine for tweets.Twitter Search allow user’s to find anything what’s going on on Twitter.


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